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  • Hand Verker

    El installatør

    10 års erfaring 0 oppdrag utført 250kr/time 0kr inntekt

    Erfaren håndverker med en god timesprisene.

  • kk kkk


    55 års erfaring 0 oppdrag utført 55kr/time 0kr inntekt


  • Lasse Sæther


    11 års erfaring 0 oppdrag utført 800kr/time 0kr inntekt

    Erfaren murer med fagbrev og 11 års erfaring. Referanser kan oppgis om ønskelig.

  • Jm Kf


    5 års erfaring 0 oppdrag utført 500kr/time 0kr inntekt

    Dette er .fv

  • Babu Babu

    Min tittel

    15 års erfaring 0 oppdrag utført 1 700kr/time 0kr inntekt

    Jeg er babu

    men det kommer ikke frem her

  • Ida Marie Frøseth


    5 års erfaring 0 oppdrag utført 200kr/time 0kr inntekt


  • Ida Marie Frøseth


    15 års erfaring 1 oppdrag utført 500kr/time 0kr inntekt

    Jeg er en flink snekker

  • Martin Harvey

    Programing & Development

    11 års erfaring 3 oppdrag utført 30kr/time 0kr inntekt

    Howdy, I’m Martin from UK.

    With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s degree in Information Technology. I’m confident to handle all projects related to Web Programming and WordPress.

    Currently, I’m a Technical Manager at E & J Gallo Winery Company. At this position, I lead the development process for all major projects utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, ActionScript, Java, C/C++, and SQL Server. Additionally, I have more than 10 years working as a WordPress developer with over 150…

  • Duc Nguyen

    Full-stack developer

    6 års erfaring 3 oppdrag utført 47kr/time 0kr inntekt

    Hi, I’m Duc Nguyen. As a full-stack developer since 2012, I have a lot of experience in web applications and programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and API’s. Besides, I also have a thorough knowledge about web services (REST, SOAP, etc.). So, I can get done most of complex and  interesting projects.

    If you hire your project for me, I will do it with 100% accuracy.

  • Morgan Melvin

    SEO Specialist

    2 års erfaring 1 oppdrag utført 45kr/time 0kr inntekt

    As a marketing executive with more than 2 years of work experience. I have a strong marketing insight and strategy background which help you promote your  product, service or brand. In addition, I can be  responsible for managing all SEO activities to help your website get higher ranking on search engines and drive high-quality traffic as well as  manage all search engine advertising such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Your success is my success and I look forward to providing…